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The God of the 21st Century

By brittketchadmin | Posted in News, Uncategorized on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 at 11:33 pm
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So I was out of town, and I was hoping that when I got back, the whole locker-room issue with the student at School District 211 would be gone.  But, not only is it still there, but I see that the “creating change” conference in Chicago has come and gone, complete with restroom signs that the advocates found “non-offensive.” A plain restroom with a male or female silhouette?  Terrible:  “I’m reminded of the gender-binary that enforces the erasure of me.” An honest to gosh quote from someone who should just be thrilled to live in America.  The land of the free and the home of the brave, and a country so great, so wealthy, where persons have so very few real concerns about food, shelter and clothing that someone can actually have a job doing workshops on bathroom access.   No lie.   Do you know what an offensive bathroom sign is?  A sign that says “whites only.”

I wonder if the 211 student was a featured speaker.  I’ll say “211 student” because I never saw his or her name in the paper, which I suppose was to protect the privacy rights of this boy who feels like a girl (and I still am not sure whether that is a “transgender male” or “transgender female.”).  If this kid wanted privacy, he or she should have just shut the hell up and used the boys locker room.  But not if you are worshiping the God of the 21st Century:  Feelings.  At one time, when God was God, you could have said: “Look, Junior, God made you a man.  I don’t care what you feel like, but feelings and emotions are unreliable.”  Then, in the Good old days when Science was God, one might have said: “Look, junior, Genetically and biologically you are a man.  You have an x and a y chromosome, just like your dad.  I know that you might feel feminine sometimes, but feelings and emotions can change, so its an unreliable way to plan your life.”  Now that Feelings are God, however you feel is not only perfectly fine, but if you have enough advocates, you can make a whole school district do your bidding.  Even the offer of his or her (hiser?) own changing room was rejected.  Not equal.  Equal to What?  Girls who are girls?  Guys who are guys?  Hiser wants to change with all the girls because that is just how it feels.

Funny, but as I understand it, this male (and you can probably tell by the Y chromosome  hanging there between his legs) feels funny dressing in front of persons who look like a male because he feels like a female.  What about the persons who feel like a female (because they are – you can tell because they don’t have a Y chromosome hanging there between their legs) that don’t like getting dressed in front of a person who looks like a male?  They (the girls) won’t care at all, we’re told.  Not by the girls, of course, but by the transgender advocates.

So, let’s recap:  God doesn’t matter; science doesn’t matter; the feelings of the actual girls don’t matter, the feelings of the guys (who are guys and feel like guys and wish that they had access to the girls’ locker room) don’t matter, only the feelings of the guy who feels like a girl matter.  All of you – the parents, school district, fellow students, can all go to hell if you don’t bow down to the god of the 21st Century:
“MY FEELINGS”  And apparently, though the constitution guarantees both the free exercise of religion and that there won’t be any “law respecting an establishment of religion” the Federal Government will be on your side to beat up anyone who won’t worship at the altar of the LGBT agenda.  However, with 319 million people in America, and with 319 million individual “feelings” to protect, where does one stop?

The truth is, your feelings only matter if you are part of a small enough group.  A country that was organized to protect its citizens against the tyranny of the majority finds itself subject to the tyranny of the minority, with the full force of the federal government bureaucracy behind it.  An army of One, indeed.

Its funny, but parents used to be the bulwark against “feelings” that were unhelpful, immoral, or unhealthy.  If you ate dirt, your mom made sure you didn’t even if you liked to.  Now, if you’re a little boy and you eat dirt, or like to dress as a girl and play with dolls, your mom is likely to write the Tribune about how she learned to give positive reinforcement to your feelings.  You know, only 20 years ago or so, feminists told us that playing with dolls or dressing like a girl was only an artificial construct of a patriarchal and misogynistic society.   Now its proof that you should get to change in the girls’ locker room.


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